The Hope Project

When I first created this website for the foundation I stumbled upon this graphic which pretty much summed up the foundation as a whole:

The Hope Project

Which of course has been modified for the project itself.  Anyhow, when I first laid eyes on this, I was moved.  Such a simple message presented in such a simple yet powerful manner spoke volumes to me.

The hope project was inspired by someone I know.  His name is Pete. I myself have a copy of this framed in my bedroom to act as a reminder not to give up, especially when things get really bad after I lost Jason.  Pete however had a brilliant idea and passed it onto a friend who has cancer.  I can’t speak for anyone else but I thought that was such a simple way to pay it forward and we here at NAOYP would like to invite you to do the same!

For a limited time, while supplies last Stephanie is giving away FREE postcards to those who request them!  Contact us and we’ll send one your way!


It’s quite simple, you can save the picture to your hard drive and have copies made just about anywhere in a 4×6 format for next to nothing or you can head on over to our newly created store (on cafe press) where you can purchase pre-printed stickers, postcards and magnets (should you feel so inclined) and pass them out to your friends, random strangers, perhaps leave one in one of the fabulous *post secret books?  Along with some awesome NAOYP swag!

Because you never know how one simple message can make someone’s day a little brighter, or perhaps give them something that they were lacking that day: Hope

We can help break the silence and pass along this very simple yet endearing message.

*(I’m) Not Afraid Of Your Pain: The Jason Cartwright Memorial Foundation has no direct or indirect affiliation with either Frank Warren or Post Secret.



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