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Q. What is (I’m) Not Afraid Of Your Pain?
A. NAOYP is a not for profit movement/collation to help break the silence and dissolve the stigma behind suicide, depression, addition, self abuse in all forms. We feel that if we speak out, then more people will feel more comfortable seeking out the help and or treatment they may need in order to better themselves.

Q. How did NAOYP start?

A. NAOYP was started in late 2009, inspired by TWLOHA. Following the death of  Jason Cartwright who was Stephanie’s (the founders) best friend had committed suicide on September 3rd 2009.   After taking some time to grieve properly after Jason’s death, the foundation officially came to fruition on June 13th 2010 in Montreal, QC Canada.  Stephanie wants to do everything in her power to prevent the soul sucking grief that occurs when loosing a loved one to suicide.

Q. Is NAOYP a Not for profit organization?
A. Yes, although we are not currently registered.  We are not looking for monetary means, we want to provide a resourceful place for those in need and hopefully inspire those to get the help/treatment they need.  This site is fully maintained and paid for by the founder Stephanie Keobel.  NAOYP will never solicit you for donations.

Q. Where did the name come from?
A. Actually its from a quote Stephanie read from an interview with the founder of TWLOHA. Its posted under our story.

Q. IS NAOYP a religious based group?
A. No. We aren’t out to alienate anyone, impress upon our religious and or cultural beliefs upon anyone either. While we do respect those who seek comfort or solace with these groups or their spiritual advisers we are all inclusive here. We want everyone to feel welcome to come here. All of the people at NAOYP have been hurt or broken in some way and are directly affected by the causes we believe in. That is what we are here for, to share, to inspire and not be afraid of anyone’s pain.

Hopeline– The Kristin Brooks Foundation
Kids Help Phone
S.A.F.E Alternative (self abuse finally ends)


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