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Because sometimes you just can’t…

The darker side of hell.

I’m stealing borrowing taking inspiration from someone I admire and respect. Who wrote this on facebook:

“I have come to the conclusion that over the past two years I have come into a bit of a problem: Me.
Its like a skipping record that never gets into the next groove. I lost my aunt, my wife and my grandma all in one year… who would not be …affected by these big life changes?
But guess what? Life goes on, and I need to participate. I need to be a part of. I am so much more than my work. I am Mr. B and I need to snap the hell out of this, right here, right now. [baby steps]
I am that guy who will come running if you need help… but what about Mr. B? How do I fix him?
Well, first off I do something really crazy, like get honest on facebook of all places. I come clean. I tell the truth, and the truth of the matter is I hurt and have been hurting for a very. long. time.
I feel a change is coming… starting this weekend.”

That, well that was pretty ballsy.

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We’re standing behind FCKH8 and you should too!

In light of all the tragic deaths surrounding bullying, hatred towards gays we should all say FUCK HATE!

Bullying and how it can affect others..

Take a look here

Bullying NEEDS to stop!

This boy was a mere child, the age of 13!  In the past two weeks, this is the fourth recorded suicide due to bullying!

Also please watch this excerpt from the Ellen show: