RIP Billy Lucas

Billy Lucas

(image uploaded by Loreli Miller to his memorial page on facebook)

Billy Lucas
July 1995-September 9, 2010
Billy was a bright 15 year old that enjoyed spending time on the computer, with his horses and raising lambs.  As he was also LGBT, he found others in his community did not respond positively to his differences and they chose to make life very difficult for him.
On September 9th 2010, he was found hanging in his barn where he had spent so much time with his beloved animals, unaware so many people were available and willing to help.

(the above was submitted to me by Jake)

Rest well Billy, NAOYP will stand by you and the people who loved you to ensure that your death is not in vain!

Stephanie Keobel, founder

Special thanks to Steven Losco for allowing us to use this image!

For those of you that need support, please e-mail if you would like to talk.

We also encourage everyone to read when someone takes his own life.

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