Special thanks

I (Stephanie) don’t even know where to start.

I am fortunate enough to have so many loving supportive friends & family who have seen me through what is by and large the most tragic thing I have ever experienced.  I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for them and there are no words that can truly express how grateful I am for them all <3

There are however some people who have helped make this foundation possible.  Without their support and inspiration, this wouldn’t be possible.

Julie Handy:
Who is Jason’s mom. I reached out to her on a whim, without expecting anything in return. She has been nothing but kind, supportive and non judgmental in our mutual grief loosing someone that we both love. Thank you for your blessing, your kind words and support Julie, it means so much to me!

Jamie Tworkowski: The founder of: To Write Love On Her Arms, you inspired me to do this. You also inspired the name of this foundation. With many, many thanks!

Peter Soltesz: Who was the inspiration behind the hope project. Thank you! <3

Mandi Konesni Who graciously donated to my IMAlive training!  Her donation helped make it possible for me to complete my OSIS training which now makes me a certified Online Suicide Intervention Specialist.  Mandi’s also been fundamental in some of our fund-raising efforts, check out her amazing products (all natural, handmade bath & beauty products and handmade gifts) Mandi’s Muses

Rebekah Sue Harris who also graciously donated to my IMAlive training, thank you so much for your donation and allowing me to pay it forward.

Jennifer & Heather Potter: Two very special woman who also donated to my IMAlive training and was also instrumental in my fundraising goals to bring us that much closer to having the funds needed for the government/notary fee’s to apply for our NFPO status.  Much love and many thanks!

The Kristin Brooks Hope Foundation: Who is one of the sponsors of IMAlive, the first live online crisis network with 100% of its staff certified and trained in crisis intervention.  They provided me with a very generous scholarship to complete my education and for that I am eternally grateful as being a part of this is exceptionally important to me!  Thank you Reese for your support and your inspiration.

A  Special thanks to Chantal Lebrun for allowing us to use her image from the Relay for life 2010

Also to Steven Losco for allowing us to use the stop the bullying, stop the hate image.

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  1. Etelvira says:

    I came here just to post this comment thanking you for posting these great articles. They entertain & educate me a lot.

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