Andrew Wilmer


“On January 25, 2011, I Andrew Paul Wilmer will give my life in protest to help all loving and caring fathers gain equal access and rights to their children. It’s about time the law was changed to give equal parenting rights!!  No child should be deprived of a  loving and caring parent because of their parents immaturity. The law must protect our children and all loving and caring fathers.” -excerpt from Andrews suicide note.

If you would like to join the facebook group and support this cause please do so.  There is also a website dedicated to the memory of Andrew as well.

Andrew and I went to elementary and high school together.  It saddens me greatly that he felt that he needed to go to such an extreme to drive home a point.  Now his children won’t have the privilege of knowing how truly their awesome their father was.

I hope your heart is at peace now Andrew.

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